Move, Breathe and Flow Retreat 

An Invitation to you...

2023 is here and it feels different. A year to do things differently.  A year to do you differently.  To treat yourself.

A year of keeping things "SIMPLE".  Simplicity can be the greatest gift for our bodies and minds.

I am running my first retreat in March and I would love you to join me in a lovely new space in Brighton

An afternoon of YOGA, BREATH WORK, MOVEMENT and let's not forget FUNNNNN at the beautiful Yoga4Life studio in Brighton

12 Paul Street

Saturday March 4 from 12.30pm to 5.30pm


Drop into your body and let yourself just BE in each and every moment.  

We will begin at 1.00pm with a nourishing Dynamic Vinyasa Practice

Break for a light afternoon tea and refreshments

And finish with a Deep Stretch and Restorative Yoga Session to prepare us for a Breath Journey.  

In 2021 I became a breath worker after realising the power of working with breath and how it can affect our nervous systems and provide a tool to heal deep emotional trauma.   A journey with the breath can be an opportunity to go deep into unlocking stuck emotions or a pathway to deep relaxation. 

Opening the body with a gentle yoga flow is the perfect way to create a safe space to work with the breath.

Bookings are essential and limited to 13 people.
Please use the Payment Link below to claim your spot

If you would like to pay via Direct Debit or Cash, please email me

A Day to Rest the Soul

Please if you have any questions contact me via Messenger or email me.

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