Breathe Move and Flow into JOY

My Journey to the Slow Life

I used to be what my friends termed "an Energiser Bunny".

You know the type of person who talked a lot and needed to move a lot, just couldn't sit still for more that 3 seconds!!!!

I drank copious amounts of coffee and any other caffeinated drink I could get my hands on.

Spent hours exercising at he gym and always had to have "something" to do or to occupy my mind.

I lived like this for years.....exhausting right???

Always on the go, physically, mentally and emotionally.  In fact living this way is a perfect setting for adrenal fatigue.

Back then the thought of slowing down filled me with dread and was my badge of honour!

I would tell people my schedule with a sense of pride as I listened to them say,

"Wow!!!  You are amazing!  How do you DO all of that?"  

It was a form of validation outside of myself.

Around 7 years ago I met a woman who would change the course of my life.  

You see all of this "busyness" was just another way to avoid feeling and dealing with my emotions.

 I knew something had to change, in fact I was searching for something outside of myself,

when all I really needed to do was SLOW DOWN....BREATHE... and step into the FLOW.

Over the last few years that is exactly what I have done.  

The SLOW FLOW LIFE  has become my PASSION and I want to share it with EVERYONE.

I now teach other people how to step into the SLOW FLOW LIFE.

I would love to share my love of Slowing Down and how it has transformed my LIFE.

Let me show you how to SLOW and FLOW with EASE and GRACE throughout your day.

From the moment you SLOWLY wake up in the morning to the moment you SLOWLY lay your head down on your pillow 

and all of the beautiful joyful moments in-between.

Learning to fully enJOY every moment and to fully BE in every moment and let go of the

need to DO

Send me an EMAIL and we can talk about stepping into the SLOW FLOW LIFE and how that would look for you.

Or sign up for my next mini retreat in December where we flow with ease and grace throughout the day with flow, breath work and gentle restorative practices 

May you find some Slowness and Gentleness.

© Copyright Krissy McMorrow