Ease and Flow into the Slow Life

Hello and welcome!  I am so excited your journey has landed you here.

My name is Gayatri Krissy.
Breath, Yoga and Slowly Flowing with Ease and Grace into Wellnessare my passions

I was given the name Gayatri by my Spiritual Teacher in a ceremony in 2018. 
In the Ganges in Rishikesh, India.  And Gayatri Krissy was born.

Over the last 20 years I have honed my skills around nutrition after healing myself from a rather disordered way of eating and distorted view of my body and became a qualified Health Coach in 2015.

I now follow a plant based mostly Mucus free diet and practice intermittent fasting and have truly reached a place of optimum health and vitality. I have made purifying my body a part of my life and the benefits have been astounding.   Increased energy, better sleep, ability to think clearer, improved circulation to name a few.  I would love to guide you to Optimum Health and Vitality.

Whilst I have practised Yoga for many years on the other side of the mat, in 2016 I undertook 500 hours of Teacher training and started sharing my love of yoga and meditation.  It was here I discovered my love of Breathwork, Pranayama and I have recently completed my training as a Breath work Facilitator.  I love working with the Breath both on and off my YOGA mat and feel it is a very powerful tool we all possess but often take for granted.  It has the ability to greatly effect our emotional and physical states.  I will be offering both private and group Breath Journey sessions from 2021.

  I have been fortunate enough to teach Yoga and Meditation on retreats run by my Spiritual Teacher in both Bali and India and now it's time to bring my passions to the online world and to my home town of Brisbane.  The events of 2020 have certainly changed the way we do things and retreats overseas are on hold for the moment.

Since embarking on a deeper journey starting around 8 years ago I have found immense JOY in SLOWING down and fully stepping into each moment as fully as I possibly can.  I have given up the DOing, the art of "Busyness" and stepped into the JOY of BEing in each and every moment.  My life has changed in ways beyond what I ever could have imagined.

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Small, intimate Bali retreats coming sometime....

Practicing Yoga and the Slow Flow life in the magic of beautiful Bali.

Watch this space!!!!!!!!!