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Join me for yoga over the ZOOM platform.

WE are evolving and the way we do things is too.

Have you been searching for a 90min yoga class?

Do you sometimes feel your body is not warmed up enough or just NOT READY for a flow or pose?

Traditionally yoga classes went for 90 mins and now in our busy life they are all 60 mins or if you are lucky 75mins.

I am passionate about warming up the body and opening it up so it is READY for practice.

We start with a settling in period and breath work so we are physically, emotionally and mentally prepared for practice.

We take time to warm up the body and get it ready for some of the more difficult poses whether that involves opening the hips or stretching the ham strings or opening up the chest - this takes time.

You will feel safe and nurtured through a 90min class and have time at the end for a beautiful Shivasana to bring all of your practice together.  

A time to just BE and allow all of the gifts and goodness that your practice has to offer to be fully accepted and integrated into you body, mind and soul for full EMBODIMENT.

I believe this is the way all yoga should be practiced.

If you agree and would like to join me via the Zoom platform I am offering a 5 class pass for $55 and a 10 class pass for $95 

or simply pay as you go $12 per class.

I am offering a 90 min class on Wednesday nights over the Zoom Platform:-

Wednesday - 6.30pm - 8pm - Vinyasa Flow

All classes will be videoed so if you cannot make it live but wish to have a copy of the class,

I can send you the Youtube link for you to do at your leisure.

I will simply mark that off as one of your 5 or10 classes on your class pass.

Everyone who attends the class live will also receive a video of the class to keep.

Once you buy a pass I will keep track of the number of classes you have attended

and let you know when you are nearing the end of your 5 or10 class pass.

You just set back and enjoy the classes!

If you would like to join me on this journey, please inquire below:

Contact Krissy for Payment Information

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